8 Bizarre Questions People Have Asked About Living With Bipolar 2

When you are open about your mental health condition, you get asked some interesting questions. In this post I reveal some of the questions I have received that are not only bizarre, but a great reminder of the extreme stigma and ignorance we face in society.

8 Bizarre Question People Have Asked About Living With Bipolar 2 Disorder…

Question: “Do you like have multiple personalities?  If so, can you name them?”

My Answer: “Yes, I have four.  Please-Refrain-From-Speaking.”

It was clear this girl was waiting to ask this question through the whole seminar, and even though I observed her friend making wide eyes at her as she raised her hand, home girl could not resist. There is a difference between personality disorder and bipolar.  Do not lump all mental illnesses into one.  As if…


Question: “Would you vote for a president with a mental illness?”

My Answer: “I hate to enlighten you, we already have…narcissism and paranoia are mental illnesses.”

This one came from an old man with suspenders and knee high socks…enough said.



Question: “My girlfriend has been a huge bitch lately, do you think she might be bipolar?”

My Answer: “No, but I do think she should dump you as soon as possible in order to avoid any further mental damage…”

I laughed at this one.  We all know that when we get a little moody, our partners love to say, “your being so bipolar.”  Although, mood swings are a part of the disease, it is not what you think.  We don’t go to the bathroom screaming and come out laughing, go back to screaming and then laughing again within a five minute time frame.  Highs and lows come and go, extending out to months, even years, before a person with bipolar goes into a depression or hypo-mania.  Unless you are a doctor, do not go around diagnosing everyone.  Rude…



Question: “Have you ever considered finding Jesus?”

My Answer: “Girlfriend you know that man only comes out on Easter.”

Assuming a person with a mental illness has no relationship with God is un-holy.  Unless a person, with a mental illness, is specifically discussing religion, it is best not to ask questions pertaining to it.



Question: “What does it feel like to be crazy?”

My Answer: “Uh I don’t know, you would be the better person to answer, because only a crazy person would ask me that question.”

I have been asked by many, What does it feel like to be bipolar?  I encourage this question from audience members, because it means people are curious and WANT to know more.  However, do not ask questions in an offensive manner.  What a wacko…



Question: “Do all bipolar people dress as cute as you?”  

My Answer: “Yes and we take showers, and pick pretty flowers and do tons of things you normal folk do!”

I kept picturing this image of what this person believed we all looked like.  Take that image you have in your head of what a person with a mental illness ‘looks like’ and delete it…and then delete again.



Question: “Have you ever thought about killing someone?”

My Answer: “Not until you asked me that question I hadn’t”

The good ole’ “all mentally ill people are violent.”  All jokes aside this is a really unfortunate stereotype about people with mental illness, which has been put forth in society throughout history.  Generalizing people with a mental illness as being violent is unfair and research shows differently.  Check out this link from the American Psychological Associationhttp://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2014/04/mental-illness-crime.aspx



Question: “Is it true bipolar females are very sexually active?”

My Answer: “Oh yes, we are the most promiscuous predators out of all the animal kingdom”

When this question was asked, images came flooding in my head, picturing me with all my fellow mates on all fours running through the African plains like a gazelle.  It is a common stereotype that all people who have bipolar go on sexual rampages, however this is not true.  There are definite problems that exist in periods of mania that can lead to hyper sexual activity, however we do not go around giving out all the milk for free on every street corner!


Answering questions creates awareness, and reduces the stigma surrounding mental illness.  Just beware, in any situation, if you have to ask yourself more than once if a question is offensive…it is.

If you have questions, feel free to email me or inbox via Twitter and/or Instagram.  I would love to hear your thoughts and/or answer any questions.

Email: hdblum@halfway2hannah.com

Twitter: halfway2hannah

Instagram: halfway2hannah

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