Ronda Rousey loses fight and almost takes her own life

Everyone needs a good ass whooping once in awhile to make them humble, but not when it is broadcasted worldwide.  In November 2015, UFC female superstar, Ronda Rousey, was defeated by her opponent, Holly Holm, in a fight that went viral. Little did Rousey know the loss would be irrelevant compared to the battle she faced next.  After the publicized “beat down” Rousey came out about having suicidal thoughts, feeling as though she was a ‘nobody’.  Fortunately, her boyfriend Travis Browne was there by side, reminding her of the powerful women she is, mentally and physically.

Rousey brings awareness towards situational depression, that in many cases has lead to suicide.  It is important to remember the pressure these athletes and celebrities face.  Yes, they are in the limelight, however, that does not give society the right to make judgements, and laugh with others about their circumstances.  Situational depression is as serious as a diagnosis, and it is crucial for people to take care of themselves. ESPN does a great job of acknowledging Rousey’s suicidal thoughts in this link.

ESPN Video and Article

A UFC Championship is one thing, but beating the stigma against mental illness trumps it.  Go Ronda!


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