‘Okay To Say’ Famous Texans Standing Up To Mental Illness Stigma 

 Okay, I have to admit when I think of Texas, the images of big hats, cowboy boots, and a very conservative perspective on things appears instinctively. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up this early morning, and saw a mental health movement started in Texas called ‘Okay To Say,’ a mental health campaign dedicated to fighting the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

The most interesting part?!  The article, attached to this post, discusses the comparison to the position women with breast cancer were in three decades ago.  This was a piece of knowledge totally missing from my pie.  So I did some research (yes it is 6 in the morning on the east coast…on a Saturday. Its a bipolar betch problem) and found that this is totally true.  Three decades ago, women diagnosed with breast cancer were embarrassed and ashamed to admit they had a disease that has devastated so many.  I cannot imagine what these women must have gone through.  The stigma these women faced created a path for breast cancer movements that are known worldwide today, such as ‘Think Pink.’

This is a great morning read!  Go Texas!  I knew y’all had it in you! Famous Texans Stand Against Mental Illness Stigma


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