45 Self-Love Quotes

45 Self-Love Quotes

A person who knows their value is a powerful being.  Trust me, I know how hard this can be at times.  For years, I could not look in the mirror without criticizing everything in my reflection.  Day by day, I learned to talk to myself like I would to anyone one else in need.  I still have moments of insecurity, but overall I love every part of me, especially the parts which are flawed.  Be kind to yourself.  Here are 45 of my favorite quotes about self-love!

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The Truth About Mental Illness: Finding Home In A Place Unknown 

Last Halloween, a local costume shop was scrutinized, and banned from selling costumes of “mentally ill” people. I assume dressing up like Einstein was not generating enough profit, and therefore the store resorted to blood smeared hospital gowns. This incident came up in a recent conversation, and encouraged this question: Why are we so terrified of mental hospitals, and worse, mentally ill people? Read more

Removing The Mask and Revealing Your Mental Illness

Removing The Mask and Revealing Your Mental Illness

We are expected to withhold our truth to protect ourselves from judgement. Trust me I have been there. I used to wear a mask like the Queen of the masquerade ball, but it only kept me from acknowledging my mental illness. The mask you wear to fit society’s standard guidelines is not protecting you, it is preventing you from living an authentic life. Revealing your mental illness is not easy, and for some it seems impossible, however, it is necessary to live the life you deserve.  Read more

A Love Story at a Mental Hospital: Little Did We Know We Weren’t Falling in Love, We Were Falling in Life

The day I arrived at the mental hospital, the last thing on my mind was the status of single guys at the facility. I don’t think these types of places have a location status on Bumble. However, it’s in the places unknown and unfamiliar to us that we meet some of the most important people along our journey. I did meet a guy, and his name is Jared.

Jared and I didn’t fall in love with each other. We fell in understanding with one another; two souls destined to meet, to help one another find peace in the midst of chaos. At my darkest, he reached for hope and built a key from the light he found within me; a key that would unlock the chains of stigma and finally set me free. This is not a love story; this is a life story about love.
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