14 Things Deeply Emotional Women Are Guilty Of 

14 Things Deeply Emotional Women Are Guilty Of 

You admire people who think more logically than emotionally, and it seems that finding a medium is difficult. Luckily you are not the only ‘feeler’ out there, and here are 14 things we are guilty of.

1.  You are still disappointed in the way Titanic ended.

You still can’t get over it! You are still mad at Rose, Kate Winslet, for not letting Jack on the mirror at the end of the movie.  Let’s be real…there was enough room.

2.  You are apprehensive about falling in love.

You know the minute you hit ‘connect’ with someone you are emotionally, and potentially physically screwed!  If feelings are not reciprocated, the hurt begins to surface!  Try to find the lesson in your heartbreaks to prevent making the same mistakes in the future.

 3.  You are an unpaid, unlicensed therapist.

You are the first one who gets the call after your friends break-up!  Although, you are not getting paid, it is rewarding.  Just make sure you make time to open up, and get your vent sessions in too!

4.  You feel like an old soul.

It seems like in the 1950’s and centuries before, romance was more of a ‘thing.’  You are enthralled by the love stories of your parents, grandparents or those of an older generation.  The idea of writing a love letter turns you on more than Ryan Gosling covered in chocolate.

5.  You are the one who gives too much in a relationship.

You can overdue it when it comes to giving to others.  Do not give to receive, but weigh it out. No relationship is 50/50, but when it becomes 80/20 it is time you reconsider that relationship.

6.  You try to compensate for your sadness with extreme optimism.

Even on your rough days, you feel like you cannot let that smile down!  You feel like you have to compensate for feeling down in the dumps.  Accept this, and understand that you are allowed to have your days just like everyone else.

7.  You analyze everything about a person, place or thing.

You hear a song and talk about the emotion behind it.  You see a movie and discuss the depth of each character, while your friends are thinking about how hot Leonardo DiCaprio looked in a suit.  It is good to encourage people around you to look deeper beyond the surface of things.

8.  You hesitate when it comes to trusting people.

You know the consequences of being vulnerable with others.  Your wall is high because people have taken advantage of your emotions in the past.  Be patient.  Trust is not just given, it needs to be earned!

9.  You refuse to settle for ‘ordinary’ romance.

The high’s and low’s of a relationship are difficult, but it makes you feel alive!  Meeting a guy and being content is not good enough.  This can be tricky.  I believe in giving someone a chance, even if it is not love at first sight. Create your own love story.  Do not base it off what you see, but what you feel.

10.  You want everyone to be happy.

From your mom to your dry cleaning guy, you simply want everyone to be happy!  This is a great quality to have, but constantly worrying about family and friends can be more exhausting for you than them.  In some situations, it is better to be a supporter, rather than trying to be a fixer.

11.  You don’t just read a book or hear a song, you feel a book.

When it comes to music or books, you are not on the sideline, but in the game.  I refuse to read the last chapter of some books, because it means the end of something great.  You have the ability to feel art, not just observe it.

12.  You reflect on a situation & think “Whoops, why did I do that?”

The consistent pushing away and pulling in increases your emotional behavior.  You send relentless apology texts to an undeserving guy because you “hurt” his feelings.  Do not live with regrets, everything happens for a reason, even our emotional reactions.

13.  You listened to “Hello” by Adele & watched The Notebook 1,000 times!

No shame!  You get chills when you hear the song, and are drenched in tears when you see the movie…still.  Except now you watch and listen alone, because your friends have moved on and you could not be happier about it!

14.  You are kind and mean well.

You think a little deeper, and are emotionally connected to everything.  It can be a challenge, but the bottom line is that you have a kind heart.  You are capable of opening up other peoples eyes to looking beyond the surface of life.  As long as you balance out your inner Shakespeare, feeling everything so deeply is a beautiful part of you!


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