Inside the Mind of a Woman With Bipolar Disorder

29 thoughts on “Inside the Mind of a Woman With Bipolar Disorder”

      1. Thank tou for writing this. I was recently diagnosed and I have had a really hard time. Accepting it. This is exactly what I go through everyday. You couldn’t have written it better ! I hope to one day be as strong as you


  1. This is beautiful. I’ve tried many times to give others an idea of what a rapid cycle bipolar /bipolar 2 mind is like. This is the best explanation that I’ve found. Thank you.


  2. Thank you, Hannah. I am a bipolar 2 and I know the exact struggles you face, because I face them too. It is hard sometimes to make sense of the things. The racing thoughts sometimes that come to me drive me up a wall. Sometimes I just have to ride the wave of endless thoughts. What you are doing to work through the mental illness is some of the exact same things I am doing. Of course, medication always does help.I’m reminded that the battle is not to the swift, but it is how I learn to endure it. Thank you again for your insight.


  3. Thank you for sharing your life with us…I do not have bipolar but my husband was recently diagnosed with it and it looks like our 8 year old son has early onset bipolar…my husband doesn’t like taking his meds because it makes him really tired, but also because it stops that high feeling that he loves so much…he’s been living about taking his meds, but I know him so well and he can’t hide his moods…I’ve ended up ill myself doing everything to keep him on track…I will never give up, I love him too much, but sometimes it’s such a struggle…the kids have learnt when to let his nasty words go over their heads and not to get upset when he’s on a manic episode…I’m reading everything I can to help me better understand him…thanks again for helping me without even realizing it…😊


    1. Belinda, thank you for sharing this with me. It is definitely a struggle, and being overly sedated is terrible. You are not alone, and you are supported. Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Sending love-


  4. When I’m well I don’t feel like I experience any symptoms at all. I feel productive. I feel like i’m thriving. The problem is that doesn’t happen very often. Depression is a thousand pounds on my shoulders. It’s the worst and I don’t wish it on anybody. I am so happy to have gotten out of those dark wholes.
    I’m not depressed these days, thank God. I haven’t been depressed since May 2017. I feel good, strong and somewhat focused. Even when I am depressed I get flashes of racing thoughts and euphoria. It sometimes too much to take.
    Do you think writing helps you stay well? I do. I started a blog with blogger but think i’m going to switch it to wordpress cause this is where all the people are at!
    Thanks for writing!

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    1. Hi Alex! Thank you for commenting and being so open. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well right now. If I can give you some advice it would be to prepare always for those depressive days. When you live with bipolar it is inventible that we will go up and down, that is just our reality, but that is okay. As long as we prepare and know that those days will not last it helps a lot. I think writing does wonders, many people with a mental illness are great writers. Definitely switch to WordPress, it is the platform for serious bloggers, however, I will tell you that it takes a while to get the hang of, but thats what makes it legit! Good luck! Send me the link when you have it up. Sending love always! -Hannah

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