21 Images That Make You Understand Why The Stigma of Mental Illness Exists!

The stigma of mental illness SUCKS!  It is so bad that it causes those in the mental health community to ask, Why does the public have such a deep misconception about mental health?  The images relayed to the public pertaining to mental health are disturbing to say the least.  To reduce this “madness” we have to acknowledge the ridiculousness of the images, and words, used to describe mental illness.

21 images that make you say to yourself, “Oh thats why people think the way they do about mental illness!”

                               Stop Stigma.  Spread Love.


8 thoughts on “21 Images That Make You Understand Why The Stigma of Mental Illness Exists!

  • These pictures show, powerfully, the bias held towards people struggling with mental illness. There is no one-size fits all in describing mental illness; it is as unique as the individual going through it all.

    Great post!


  • Another great post Hannah. I recognize a few of those photo’s and headlines unfortunately. It is all to easy to label mental illness as very bad, crazy or psychotic!!! The real truth is usually very different. 90-95% of mentally ill people would not harm a fly and are just like anyone else with an illness. However, because our illness is in the brain, i.e. not a broken leg, heart trouble, IBS, Cancer, etc. we are believed to be dangerous to society. it does not help that many years ago, people with mental illness’s were locked up for life in Asylums!!! Thank God, things have changed since then. A lot of crimes are committed by people without mental problems, fact. People also forget that any part of our body can get sick for a while or for life, the brain is no different, it is not immune to illness. People who know me, think I am a normal person, and they are spot on, I am. Sometimes though, I get sad and depressed, sometimes I get excited and very happy. I am like anyone else except sometimes my Brain has problems, and so I take medication to help. I am proud to say that I am a very kind and caring person ( trying not to blow my own trumpet! Honest, it is to prove my point!!! ) and would not hurt nobody. I will not get angry at this stigma we have had for a long time now as I know people are educated so wrongly about mental illness and it would help, if they taught more at schools about it, so the next generation would not have this one-sided opinion of negativity. The media could really help get rid of the stigma too, if they learn about the illness as well !!! Sorry for going on! maybe I should start a blog too as I would like to educate more people about what I know and have learned over the years! Best wishes to all. Sue. x


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