10 Things We Need To Teach Our Little Sisters

 “You can’t be beautiful without makeup aunty Hannah!”-My 4-year-old niece

There has always been pressure on women to be “perfect,” however, the age of girls who feel this pressure seems to get lower each year.  It is not only the physical appearance factor, but all the s*&t going on in society that a younger generation should be aware of. You do not have to have a little sister to read this post.  “Our younger sisters” means the girls growing up in the generation below us.  We are all family in my mind.  It is time for us to grab a juice box, sit at the lunch table and help them comprehend a few things for their future.   These are 10 Things We Need To Teach Our Little Sisters…

1.  You don’t need plastic to be beautiful.

The age of young girls getting lip injections, plastic surgery and spending hours in the mirror putting on make-up is getting younger each year.  We need to teach them that reaching your “peak of attractiveness” at 15 is not a good idea!  To enjoy the time they can get away being carefree.

2.  Beware of the online trolls.

It is so important that girls understand that a lot of people have fake online profiles, and that the internet can be deceiving.  Face-to-face communication is proven to be the most successful way to build a solid relationship, and not get locked in a basement.  MTV’s “reality” show Catfish has definitely made me think twice before entering into a flirty online conversation.

3.  Embrace the body you have, not the body you want.

Luckily in 2016, women of all sizes are embraced more so than before.  Showing images of women of all different shapes and sizes gives younger girls a more diverse, and realistic, image of body.  We are not all going to have perfectly manufactured bodies, and acknowledging that from a young age is important.  Healthy=Happy.

4.  Spread love to stop hate.

Hate is alive in our society, and this is something the younger generation has to be aware of.  It is vital they be a part of peaceful movements.  To accept those who live a different lifestyle, rather than reject them.  To help others in need, and encourage those around them to stand against hate.

 5.  There is only one type of shopping…Bargain shopping!

Why get Jimmy Choo’s for $900 when you can get them for $45?  We have learned that LABELS are EVERYTHING.  However, lucky for our generation consignment shopping has opened are eyes up to a world of possibility.  It is time we share the secret to getting what we you want without spending all you got!

6.  To physically put down social media.

Social media is everywhere, and it is hard to handle at any age.  It is so important that young girls understand that social media is a tool to be used sporadically, not obsessively.  That when you are sitting at a table with people, put the phone away!  Comparing themselves to fabricated images of others will do more harm than good.

 7.  To express their emotions.

As a mental health advocate this is a big one for me!  We need to teach girls that emotions are a good thing, and it is okay to fail.  There is help available, and for a good reason.  The pressure on all women to be perfect increases negative emotions and insecurities.  We need to teach a younger generation to be open and honest about their feelings.

9.  To be leaders, not followers.

It seems that following on Instagram is leading to following in life.  Yikes!  The social media phenomenon encourages girls to mimic the behaviors and style of whatever is “trending.”  We need to help them find their own passions and power.  All women have power, but there is nothing more fierce than a women who knows she does!

10. To fall in love, but be independent.

We are so reliant on other people to make us feel secure, and this is not a good type of dependency.  With all the opportunity we have as women, we should encourage a younger generation to strive for success.  To fall in love but ask themselves first…What am I going to do to make an impact on this world?  VS.  When is he going to ask me to marry him?



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