Then & Now: A Story About Friendship and Mental Illness

11 thoughts on “Then & Now: A Story About Friendship and Mental Illness”

  1. I can only imagine the courage you had to tell it to your friends. I’m sure it probably felt like a relief too.
    I am coming up on a year, since I had to confront my own suicidal tendencies, and although I didn’t make the attempt, I came close to making the final decision. I was encouraged to get help, and I glad I did. But owning that point in my life is still raw in my mind.

    Bravo to you!


  2. True friendship and love is a bond that can’t be broken. I’m glad you got to enjoy your friends again. Thank you for being strong and sharing your story!


  3. My perspective is probably not so unique. I have always been drawn to people who have mental health issues – especially after I had a situational breakdown when I was 22. My dad died in front of me in an isolated part of Eastern Victoria, Australia. I had to get him into the car and drive 65 miles to the nearest hospital. The combination of that and a girlfriend dying from a brain haemorrhage a month earlier sent me over the edge and I had a breakdown. BTW – they threatened me with ECT too – no kidding.

    However this experience taught me many things – first of all – that you get burned by your wider social circle. That was terrible. The feelings of worthlessness grew in me like a cancer.

    Fast forward 25 years and I probably seen pretty normal – good career and all that stuff. But I mean like – I was opened up – this has enabled me to find all the wonderful things in the people I have known and loved since then.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing such a deep and personal part of your story with me. I am sorry to hear about the struggles you have faced. It seems you have let it build you which shows how powerful you truly are. I have a feeling you are a very unique individual that is doing great things in society! Thank you for the support. Sending you love always! -Hannah


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