Resources for Our Veterans Fighting a War at Home

Sometimes the war does not end when a soldier steps back onto American soil. For many veterans, the war continues at home. As Americans, we are obligated to serve these soldiers. Thank you to all those who have served this country. You are the root of America.

Below are a few online resources (blogs, articles, jobs, social media, apps) to check out. If you know of any more resources please comment below and share the link and/or information. I will add it to this post.

1. Download the Mobile App PTSD Coach

2. The Soldier Project: Resources for Veterans & Their Loved Ones 

3. Healing Combat Trauma

4. My Story of Survival: Battling PTSD 

5. PTSD Chick Blog 

6. Veterans Seeking Jobs: 6 online resources for Veterans who are seeking jobs 

7. FaceBook Page Dedicated to Supporting Veterans 

Sending love to all our Veterans!


My Experience in a Mental Hospital

Everyone’s experience is different in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, some people endure rough circumstances. What turned my experience in a mental hospital, from a negative one to a positive one, are the people I met. I thought I would be greeted by monsters. Aggressive people that society had been telling me since I was a child that “mentally ill” people are. Instead, I was greeted by angels. Please watch the video and if you can, subscribe to my HealthyPlace YouTube channel. Also, do not hesitate to share your story or leave comments.

My Bipolar Breakdown

In the video below I share the story of when I began to notice my emotional highs and lows. The story of a prom queen who was completely lost behind the eyes. Please Subscribe to my HealthyPlace YouTube Channel! Monday, November 7th I will be discussing my experience in the mental hospital.