How to Cope With Social Anxiety

People would be surprised to hear that I struggle with social anxiety. I consider myself an extrovert and outgoing person, however, when I get depressed social anxiety becomes a major challenge. Social situations and interactions go from enjoyable to stressful. Some people live with social anxiety on a daily basis. Watch this video to hear some of the ways to cope with social anxiety.


Dating with Bipolar Disorder

In today’s society, with all the dating apps and social pressure, dating is hard enough right? Imagine having a stigmatized mental health condition on top of all that. In this video, I explain why dating with bipolar can be extremely stressful and what to do about it. Don’t mind the crooked face 😉

No New You in 2017! Mental Health Resolutions in the New Year

It’s a new year, but not a new me! I am still the same single, blonde blogger I was in 2016. Every day is an opportunity for progress and this is the thought we should carry into 2017. Watch my video about mental health in 2017.