What Does a Bipolar Depressive Episode Feel Like?

Many of my posts and videos are focused on shedding an active and bright light on mental health. Although I address the struggle of living with bipolar 2 disorder, I hesitate to reveal my personal experience with depression. After a recent episode, I realized that it was time to share what it is like pushing through a depressive episode.

Please share your thoughts or send in a response video into info@healthyplace.com.


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  1. vlmrhm says:

    Thanks for sharing. I look really hard to see the beauty in the moment. When I can see the beauty in the moment it helps me to focus just on that, on that single moment. I actually call them God encounters because it makes me realize there is beauty and he hasn’t forgotten me.


    1. Hannah B. says:

      WOW! That is a great way to look at things! I agree it is so difficult to be present in the moment sometimes, but so beneficial. I am learning to be more in the moment these days! Thank you for sharing. You have great insight!-Hannah

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