In Hospital For The Long Haul? How to Look After Your Mental Health

In Hospital For The Long Haul? How to Look After Your Mental Health

Article By: Chrissy Phelps

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information as many as five million hospital trips result in admission to long-term care locations. So, whether you’ve recently experienced a major accident or you have a chronic, debilitating illness, there are many possible reasons why you may find yourself staying in hospital for an extended period. In addition to the physical pain you might go through, it’s also possible that you’ll find yourself experiencing mental health issues like depression; but whether you decide to take medication or simply talk through your problems, there are many ways to look after yourself.

Have Someone To Talk To

As anyone who has gone through mental illness will know, talking isn’t always enough – but it’s a very good start. Building a strong support network is vital for getting through the tough times a long-term hospital stay can throw up, and this may come from a variety of sources ranging from family members and friends to hospital chaplaincy staff.

Help Seniors Through Technology

Seniors who are staying in a care facility for the long term, meanwhile, may develop particular mental health problems such as loneliness, confusion and more long-term issues like dementia. It’s worth explaining to any seniors you care for how to use rapid response devices in order to alert medical staff in the event of any problems arising. That way, there’ll always be help on hand.

Try To Stay Active

Unless your condition is one that prevents you from doing certain forms of physical exertion, it’s a good idea to remain as active as possible in order to boost your mental health. Evidence from psychologists is increasingly showing that exercise is a great way to stay happy because it triggers serotonin, a crucial neurotransmitter in the brain. Speaking to you physician about your exercise capabilities is a good way to get started.

A long-term hospital stay is not something that anyone finds pleasant. If it’s essential for your health, however, then it’s got to be done. By keeping yourself and your mind active and remaining alert, you can prevent and deal with some of the mental health problems associated with a hospital stay.