6 Reasons Why World Bipolar Day Is Important

World Bipolar Day is important every year, but this year it is time to make a statement with all the recent events that have taken place. You can help spread awareness on  March 30th, by sharing posts and information on mediated platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or via your methods of communication. In 2019, social justice movements are thriving, and this includes mental health. Mental health influencers are present on social media more than ever, and it is time we speak up on a day where we have the general publics attention.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.-MLK

A Day That the General Public Is Pressured to Listen

World Bipolar Day is when the general public is pressured to listen. It is a golden opportunity to increase people’s awareness about bipolar disorder. We have to get people who are persuaded by stigma to get on board the mental health movement train. Brands and businesses are encouraged to get involved in the conversation which spreads  awareness to a bigger and more diverse audience.

A Day to Spread Awareness

It is essential that people spread awareness about bipolar disorder on World Bipolar Day. The media throws these words, “mental illness” and “bipolar disorder” around to describe everything that is going wrong in our society. In 2019 it is essential we spread knowledge and the truth about bipolar disorder. Below are a couple of links to share with those around you about bipolar disorder and stigma.

A Day to Show the Faces of Bipolar

On World Bipolar Day people are not only listening but looking. It’s the perfect time to portray the faces of bipolar disorder. In 2019, mental health influencers are sharing their story and the truth about living with bipolar. The media’s negative portrayal of people with bipolar disorder is unethical. The images we see of deranged individuals in movies representing mental illness are incredibly harmful. We are friends, parents, students, children, professionals and most importantly good people. It is time we show the real faces of bipolar disorder.

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A Day to Embrace Our Bipolar Minds

Outside of spreading awareness and fighting stigma, World Bipolar Day is a celebration of people living with bipolar. Although we are still chipping away at the wall that keeps us from sharing our truth, we have come so far and should be proud. It is a day to remember the beauty of being different.

A Day to Let the World Know We Are Not A Scapegoat

In 2019, while we have the attention from the general public, it is essential we speak with confidence about the fact that those of us who live with bipolar disorder will no longer be silenced and used as a scapegoat for the problems society is unwilling to face.

A Day to Spread Love

In 2019 the stigma of mental illness is piercingly loud which has caused more people living with bipolar disorder to feel ashamed and guilty. It is the perfect day to spread love and remind each other that we are vibrant and capable individuals. It is important to voice our support for one another in the mental health community on a daily basis, but some individuals hesitate to do so. World Bipolar Day is the perfect time for you to acknowledge that you are loved, and not alone.

Happy World Bipolar Day!

My Message To Those of You Living With Bipolar:

You are a beautiful and vibrant soul. We will learn to love the parts of ourselves that society has taught us to hate. No longer shall we remain silent.