Hannah Blum, Author of Halfway2Hannah

Hannah Blum is the author of Halfway2Hannah, a mental health blog that discusses a range of topics including life with mental illness, self-love, stigma and advice on using social media as a platform to advocate and influence.

She is a mental health advocate, writer and the Creative Director for Snow Media Productions based in Los Angeles. You may have come across one of her viral quotes that she shares on social media. They have even caught the eye of various public figures, such as Bella Hadid who shared Hannah’s quote as a way to speak about her mental health.

Every person who shares my art is important. I am just happy Bella Hadid could use my words to open up about her mental health.

In December 2019, Hannah published her first book, The Truth About Broken: The Unfixed Version of Self-Love.

It’s a book about loving yourself even when you hate yourself. Each part is it’s own individual piece. It’s a collection of real stories that will hopefully inspire you to love yourself in a way you never believed possible. Loving the unfixed version of yourself.

Hannah shares a different side of mental health, calling it out as a social justice issue. She has even spoken about how the wellness movement impact on people with mental illness in one of her biggest posts, The Wellness Movement’s Shaming of People With Mental Illness

The mental health crisis is not just a health crisis, it’s a social injustice. People don’t want me to talk about it, because it calls out a lot of platforms, organizations and companies that profit off people remaining under the glass ceiling.

Outside of building her own brand as an advocate, she is the Creative Director for Snow Media Productions based out of Los Angeles. She helps clients create capturing content that shares a powerful message and story. Working with motivational influencers such as Lewis Howes and well known clinical psychologist and Oprah’s favorite guest, Dr. Shefali.

Her career began here, on Halfway2Hannah, in 2016. It has gone from a personal blog to a platform for mental health inspiration. Hannah is creating a movement in mental health that has a bolder tone.

I hope this blog can help people not feel so alone. I hope it can empower individuals who feel they have nothing to offer. I want my blog to share inspirational information about mental health that people can relate to and take into their daily lives. I am grateful for my community.

Over the last few years, Hannah has been featured in many different publications, such as Teen Vogue, and in 2019 received a Telly Award for her WebMD docu episode “Dating with Bipolar.” She has done a range of podcasts, interviews and is the founder of the #SlayStigma movement on social media. In February 2020, she will be launching apparel correlated with the movement. No matter what she is doing or how big of a following she has, one thing always remains, and that’s Hannah’s loyalty to her mental health community.

Her bold message about the treatment of people with a mental illness has even stirred up some controversy as she calls out the wellness influence and problems with the mental health system that no one speaks of. She will continue to spread her message this coming year and has a lot in store for 2020!