Stay In. Create Out. COVID-19

Stay In. Create Out. Is an initiative created by Hannah Blum to encourage you to stay in and at home during COVID-19 and use your time to create content. Sharing videos, blog posts, quotes, poems and other pieces of content that you feel inspired to create during the pandemic.

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Art By Jody

Jody created these beautiful pieces of art and talks about how she has utilized her time creating during COVID-19. Follow her on Instagram @amazonia.artwork

Overcoming The Pain by Tricia

These poems are by Tricia, who lives with depression and anxiety. She wanted to share two poems for people out there struggling about overcoming pain.

Art Pieces by Michelle

Art pieces by Michelle that she wanted to share along with an explanation.

These here are crazy/challenging/scary/lonely/inspired times. There are (days) minutes when everything is in control. Calm and peaceful and then every emotion bombards the ease. This is my normal. Putting on a smile, counseling others until I’m depleted. I paint.  Most of my pieces have at least 5 layers of feelings. A wish and then painted over. A feeling and then painted over. Raw emotion, painted over. Finally, hope.  

So many layers.  Parts of every space pokes through.

Art By Kelsey Through Rose Colored Glasses

Kelsey (@kelseyfellmua) created this beautiful artwork Through Rose Colored Glasses inspired by a quote I recently posted, In times of chaos, the calm is found in each other. Show compassion and spread love instead of fear. Be the light, not the shadow. And remember that you are never alone.

The Two Big C’s, COVID-19 and Cancer: What We Can All Learn During This Unsettling Time by Vanessa Leigh

Vanessa sent me the post about what it’s like living with Cancer during the COVID-19. She is the author of the blog, Dear Cancer, Love Vanessa Follow her on Instagram @dearcancer

I want to say thank you cancer for preparing me for this pandemic. After all of my experiences, I feel like I am an expert at the whole social distancing and self-isolation concepts. I have actually been practicing these for the past two and a half years Click here to read more

Pandemic Monologue By Dallas

This is a monologue from Dallas Taylor (@dallastphoto) which is part of his Open Book series. He expresses his thoughts about the pandemic in this video!

Managing Your Mental Health During A Pandemic by Tina

Tina wanted to share this blog post to help others manage their mental health during the pandemic.

There is a lot of media coverage right now about the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s hard to think about anything else when we are bombarded with it all day long. It’s seems to be all that anyone is talking about. Click here to read more

Poems By Anastasia

A Heartbreak Poem By Ari

Ari @ariannabattainiart sent this beautiful poem that she wrote as she deals with heartbreak during this time. Read pages 1-7.

Artwork by Adela Vasquez

Sharing her beautiful pieces of art @chelitas_art

A Poem To Give Hope By Jess

I wrote this because the madness around the world has me feeling so unsettled, it’s uneasy and uncomfortable like the world outside is feeling the madness of my mind hope it’s something you enjoy to read. A poem by Jess

Inspirational Instagram Post by Jennifer

An inspirational Instagram post by Jennifer for those struggling with anxiety during CVOID-19. @trichtricks

Inspirational Message from Kinza During CVOID-19

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I do like writing, and I’m passionate about a lot of things. And people need as much positivity as possible, so this is my attempt at helping even just one person –
Anybody trying out a new hobby or interest since we all have the time now, I would just like to say, please have patience with yourself. If you’re really passionate about it and you wanna do it, do it. But don’t quit because you didn’t get it in three days. The people you’re comparing yourself to didn’t even get it in three days. Just keep practicing, and I promise you you will get results. You might have failed 99 times, but you’re just one more step closer to success. If that isn’t motivating enough, another perspective can be that you’re only one more step closer to success because you tried 99 times. Most people would have probably quit after the first five. So give yourself some credit. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. I know it’s hard to stay motivated at a time like this. But it’s even more important that you do this for yourself now more than ever because it will also help alleviate the negativity and stress. Take care and stay safe 


A Blog Post by Linnea Why Success Doesn’t Change Your Core Worth

A post written by Linnea who wanted to share this piece from her blog, Blossoming With Bipolar (@blossomingwithbipolar) in hopes to help others.

The society we live in today is as fast paced as ever. We are always striving for the best education, the best apartment and the best quality of life. Click here to read more

A Poem, You Are Art, By Mia

Written by Mia L (@theexoticmia)

Thoughts by Jasmine Butler

Pretti Bipolar Jasmine Butler shared her thoughts about living with Bipolar Type 1

Hello my name is Jasmine with Pretti Bipolar. I am 27 years old and live with Bipolar Type 1 and PTSD. I wanted to come on her and write about coping with any Mental illness during this pandemic of the COVID-19. I have found myself extremely triggered from not being able to see my family and friends at our normal meet up spots. I’ve been reading books such as Hannah Blum “The truth about Broken” in there you will find different writing prompts that are beneficial to the self-love discovery. I have been writing more and just watching different videos about mental health and other people’s journey. I am saying all of this to say that during this time find the strength to pick up that book and read! This is the moment to really self-reflect. This is the moment to create that content that you’ve always been waiting to do. This is your time to figure out what to do next with your life living with any mental illness. 

Yes, this is out of our control and that was big for me to face. As I am very hard on myself when I feel like I can’t control what’s happening around me. However, I decided not to allow that to affect me in no way. And I encourage you today! To start somewhere, even if its small. Baby steps in a good direction is still awesome. In this time we may feel a sense of loneliness and that it going to happen! I have found that I’ve been sleeping more lately due to everything that’s happening but also being more hands on with my social media. 

Living with bipolar type 1 has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I’ve lost friends and family turned their backs on me. But the fighter in me still would not let me give up on myself. I’ve self-sabotaged things from over thinking and even quite a few (many) jobs in the past. I never understood the fact that Hannah was able to bring to my attention. SELF LOVE. I never knew that loving yourself doesn’t mean being totally selfish but making sure to truly knowing everything about you. I say that because during this time can you just think about the question. “Have you ever loved yourself?” it’s very simple to read but really hard to answer. I challenge you to read Halfway 2 Hannah’s blogs as she has posted 30 writing prompts. I challenge you to love yourself. I challenge you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am sending love.

Poems By Amanda Depression Flu

Two poems written by Amanda Baker ( @amandabakerwrites) One written at age 25 and then continued at age 32. She also told me she is coming out with a collection of these poems in the future.

A Quote By AH

A quote written by AH

Inspirational Instagram Post by Rebekah Pedersen

An inspirational Instagram post by Rebekah @thehumanbloom Author of The Human Bloom Blog