Bipolar Disorder and Denial: “Bipolar Disorder? Me? No Way!”

“Bipolar Disorder? Me? No I don’t think you have that right doc!” On my new HealthyPlace YouTube Video I talk about one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when you live with bipolar disorder, and that is denying that you have bipolar disorder. When you live with a stigmatized condition, it is not easy to accept your diagnosis. As children, stigma is embedded in us, and that includes those of us who live with a mental health condition. So you can imagine the difficulty in embracing and accepting a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

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A Personal Success Story from My Life with Bipolar. Whats Yours?

On my new HealthyPlace YouTube video, I am celebrating my 28th birthday by sharing a personal success story.  On Monday, September 11th, I took another step into my late twenties with a grateful heart, unfiltered attitude, and colorful hair! Although many people complain about getting older, I embrace aging to the fullest and how could I not? On September 11th, 2001 so many innocent individuals lost their lives. It is a constant reminder of how fortunate I am to be alive.

In case you forgot to buy me a gift don’t worry because it’s not too late. One major goal of this video is to encourage you to share a success story from your life living with a mental health condition. C’mon tell me something that you are proud of! Share your story in the comment section of my YouTube video or do a response video and send it into!


Bipolar & ADHD: A Double Whammy!

It took years for me to find the right routine of medication after I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder. My mood was stabilized, but my inability to focus and complete projects still kept me from truly thriving. Bipolar and ADHD is a topic with some controversy attached, being that some of the medications used to treat ADHD can have a negative effect on individuals with bipolar disorder. However, a diagnosis of ADHD along side bipolar disorder had the opposite effect on my life. In my new HealthyPlace video, I share what life was like before receiving the proper treatment for a condition, that majority of my doctors were unwilling to address.

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After I Disclosed My Bipolar Disorder

Talking about my diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder and my journey with a mental health condition thus far did not come easy. This is evident when people hear the story that takes me back three years ago to the first time I revealed this information. In my new HealthyPlace video, I share the story of this experience and how it changed my path as a mental health advocate.

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The Link Between Bipolar and Creativity

The link between bipolar disorder and creativity is a hot debate. Although I am in the creative profession, I can understand how this relationship can irritate people with bipolar disorder who do not find themselves in a creative position.

In this video, I share a different perspective on addressing this topic. It all comes down to one overall question, How can our way of thinking contribute to society? Also, I talk about the barrier that keeps those of us diagnosed with a mental health condition from finding our passion and where we can thrive.

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What I Want People to Know About My Life with Bipolar

When you have a mental health condition, people lump you into one big category of, for lack of a better term, crazy. The stigma molds us into these people that frankly speaking, we are not. It’s as if we have no chance of being successful and productive individuals. In this video, I shed light on a couple things I want people to know about my life with bipolar. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Oh BTW ignore the fact that I look borderline insane in this video thumbnail.

Dating with Bipolar Disorder

In today’s society, with all the dating apps and social pressure, dating is hard enough right? Imagine having a stigmatized mental health condition on top of all that. In this video, I explain why dating with bipolar can be extremely stressful and what to do about it. Don’t mind the crooked face 😉

No New You in 2017! Mental Health Resolutions in the New Year

It’s a new year, but not a new me! I am still the same single, blonde blogger I was in 2016. Every day is an opportunity for progress and this is the thought we should carry into 2017. Watch my video about mental health in 2017.

Bipolar Disorder and Friendships

When I was diagnosed with bipolar II, I had to come back to the place I had run from, my home. In this video, my best friend Courtney opens up to me about her experience having a best friend with bipolar. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.