8 Bizarre Questions People Have Asked About Living With Bipolar 2

When you are open about your mental health condition, you get asked some interesting questions. In this post I reveal some of the questions I have received that are not only bizarre, but a great reminder of the extreme stigma and ignorance we face in society.

8 Bizarre Question People Have Asked About Living With Bipolar 2 Disorder…

Question: “Do you like have multiple personalities?  If so, can you name them?”

My Answer: “Yes, I have four.  Please-Refrain-From-Speaking.”

It was clear this girl was waiting to ask this question through the whole seminar, and even though I observed her friend making wide eyes at her as she raised her hand, home girl could not resist. There is a difference between personality disorder and bipolar.  Do not lump all mental illnesses into one.  As if…

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