No New You in 2017! Mental Health Resolutions in the New Year

It's a new year, but not a new me! I am still the same single, blonde blogger I was in 2016. Every day is an opportunity for progress and this is the thought we should carry into 2017. Watch my video about mental health in 2017.

StandUp SpeakUp: A Candid Interview About My Experience with Bipolar II

In this podcast done for Wearable Therapy Tokii, a company creating wearable art with a powerful message about mental health. In this interview, I talk in depth about my experience with bipolar II and the need for better resources for those struggling with mental health conditions. Podcast: Blog:           … Continue reading StandUp SpeakUp: A Candid Interview About My Experience with Bipolar II

Bipolar Disorder and Friendships

When I was diagnosed with bipolar II, I had to come back to the place I had run from, my home. In this video, my best friend Courtney opens up to me about her experience having a best friend with bipolar. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Resources for Our Veterans Fighting a War at Home

Sometimes the war does not end when a soldier steps back onto American soil. For many veterans, the war continues at home. As Americans, we are obligated to serve these soldiers.Β Thank you to all those who have served this country. You are the root of America. Below are a few online resources (blogs, articles, jobs, … Continue reading Resources for Our Veterans Fighting a War at Home

My Experience in a Mental Hospital

Everyone's experience is different in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, some people endure rough circumstances. What turned my experience in a mental hospital, from a negative one to a positive one, are the people I met. I thought I would be greeted by monsters. Aggressive people that society had been telling me since I was a … Continue reading My Experience in a Mental Hospital

My Bipolar Breakdown

In the video below I share the story of when I began to notice my emotional highs and lows. The story of a prom queen who was completely lost behind the eyes. Please Subscribe to my HealthyPlace YouTube Channel! Monday, November 7th I will be discussing my experience in the mental hospital.