How to Cope With Social Anxiety

People would be surprised to hear that I struggle with social anxiety. I consider myself an extrovert and outgoing person, however, when I get depressed social anxiety becomes a major challenge. Social situations and interactions go from enjoyable to stressful. Some people live with social anxiety on a daily basis. Watch this video to hear … Continue reading How to Cope With Social Anxiety

Dating with Bipolar Disorder

In today's┬ásociety, with all the dating apps and social pressure, dating is hard enough right? Imagine having a stigmatized mental health condition on top of all that. In this video, I explain why dating with bipolar can be extremely stressful and what to do about it. Don't mind the crooked face ­čśë

No New You in 2017! Mental Health Resolutions in the New Year

It's a new year, but not a new me! I am still the same single, blonde blogger I was in 2016. Every day is an opportunity for progress and this is the thought we should carry into 2017. Watch my video about mental health in 2017.

StandUp SpeakUp: A Candid Interview About My Experience with Bipolar II

In this podcast done for Wearable Therapy Tokii, a company creating wearable art with a powerful message about mental health. In this interview, I talk in depth about my experience with bipolar II and the need for better resources for those struggling with mental health conditions. Podcast: Blog:           … Continue reading StandUp SpeakUp: A Candid Interview About My Experience with Bipolar II

Bipolar Disorder and Friendships

When I was diagnosed with bipolar II, I had to come back to the place I had run from, my home. In this video, my best friend Courtney opens up to me about her experience having a best friend with bipolar. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Resources for Our Veterans Fighting a War at Home

Sometimes the war does not end when a soldier steps back onto American soil. For many veterans, the war continues at home. As Americans, we are obligated to serve these soldiers.┬áThank you to all those who have served this country. You are the root of America. Below are a few online resources (blogs, articles, jobs, … Continue reading Resources for Our Veterans Fighting a War at Home

My Experience in a Mental Hospital

Everyone's experience is different in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, some people endure rough circumstances. What turned my experience in a mental hospital, from a negative one to a positive one, are the people I met. I thought I would be greeted by monsters. Aggressive people that society had been telling me since I was a … Continue reading My Experience in a Mental Hospital

My Bipolar Breakdown

In the video below I share the story of when I began to notice my emotional highs and lows. The story of a prom queen who was completely lost behind the eyes. Please Subscribe to my HealthyPlace YouTube Channel! Monday, November 7th I will be discussing my experience in the mental hospital.