My name is Hannah Blum. I am a writer, media specialist and mental health advocate. I’am the author of the blog I’m Bipolar Too for the online mental health platform HealthyPlace. I am also a YouTube vlogger sharing my life as a young adult living with a mental health condition. When I first decided to come forward about my diagnosis of bipolar II, people thought I was crazy.  Ironic? Luckily for me, and potentially you, I have never been good at following society’s guidelines of what is acceptable to do a or talk about. At the age of 20, I received a diagnosis of bipolar II disorder, and after finding my passion in storytelling, media and mental health, I decided to combine the three, and here we are at Halfway2Hannah.

If you are looking for me to say how much I hate my bipolar mind you will not find it here. I am never going to live without it, and I want to give others a taste of my reality. My life is a rollercoaster. I am messy, untamable and unfiltered. This is the mind I have been given, and I treat it as a gift. I believe life is an ongoing story, and look at my experiences with love, friendships and life in general as content worthy chapters.

I have big plans for the future, not just as an advocate, but as a business women, specifically a writer. Currently I am working on a novel (fiction) which I hope to publish by 2019. Also, I plan on publishing a children’s book, and series of teen books that confront issues with self esteem in modern day society.

I want others to join the mental health movement and learn to embrace their differences both mind or body. Stigma has silenced vibrant voices, tarnished innocent people’s reputation, and prevented so many people from thriving as individuals. The time is now to break down this barrier and show the world the other side of a bipolar mind. Welcome to Halfway2hannah.  I am so happy to have you on this journey with me.

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