Life With Mental Illness: 5 Things I Want My Psychiatrist to Know

6 thoughts on “Life With Mental Illness: 5 Things I Want My Psychiatrist to Know”

  1. After reading this I have found that when I take my bipolar wife to her psychiatrist that all they care about is getting the money off us. The secretary can’t even wait until after the appointment! This makes me wonder sometimes what it’s all really about, properly helping my wife get well or just collecting the fee!


  2. Hannah, you hit a bullseye with this one. I can relate to the bad experiences with psychiatrists and good. I was told by one in the hospital that I needed to reevaluate my sexuality. Me, a married woman, who never mentioned or complained about my sexuality or marriage to him once. Yes, there are doctors out there not very few or far between, that take advantage of their patients…I also have had very fair and caring psychiatrists that have helped me navigate my medications to a state of excellent mental health. I wish the incompetent ones would leave the profession… they do limit their patients prognoses if they set the bar low and act above their patients. I’m sharing your post. Great topic!


  3. I totally LOVE everything you have to say when I read your stuff.  I have Bipolar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder and didn’t know it until 2012 when I became so manic that I ended up in a mental institution. I was 42 and now I am 50 years old. I started drinking and doing drugs around the age of 14-15 and I have been sober for almost 21 years.  For years I thought suicidal thoughts and being irrationally hyper were normal until I got help and put on meds. I am seriously and eternally grateful the Drs gave me the right cocktail of meds then and they have been working for me since. I have a self-care plan that I am not perfect at that includes different ways to love myself like relaxing, exercise or just enjoying my husband and children.  I am functioning and I work at a job about 32 hours a week. I am happy. I have less depressive episodes than ever and I also have a spiritual life and know my help ultimately comes from God however that may be. All of my life my family treated me different. I was always called overly sensitive or the one with the “emotional issues” it destroyed my self-worth. Today I have learned to embrace those qualities as empathy and compassion and being able to feel things deeply. It is a blessing now instead of the curse others wanted to turn it into. I am so thankful I can love myself and in turn I can love those who need me, but also from a distance love those who hurt me. Anyway, thank-you for being bold, for sharing your story, giving us hope and letting us know it’s okay to not be okay. ♥️ #iamamiracle🙏

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