6 Things The Show ‘Modern Love’ Got Right When Portraying Bipolar Disorder

One thought on “6 Things The Show ‘Modern Love’ Got Right When Portraying Bipolar Disorder”

  1. This episode was brutal for me. I have been living with a severe yet well-managed case of bi-polar for over 20 years. As I watched her helplessly slip from bliss into aa pit of despair, I felt absolutely gripped by the terror of my memories in a way I hadn’t experienced since I found my wonder drugs. My personal miracle!

    By the time the show was over I could hardly breath. I couldn’t speak. I embraced my wife and and absolutely bust into tears. I must have sobbed for an hour! I don’t do that, but this hit me so deeply that all my darkness came flooding back.

    When I was done sobbing about the darkness, I contemplated my treatment and my incredible healing and well-being since then. And then I sobbed again. This time out of happiness and pure gratitude. Yes, bi-polar is horrible and debilitating. But take heart. Treatment can work. And life can move gloriously forward. It has for me!

    One more thing. Anne was brilliant in this! Right down to the body language and the hollow look in her eyes – and the contrast when her eyes lit up when she was “high”. Spot-on performance!


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