An Artistic Alternative To Self-Harm: Creating Instead of Cutting

Self-harm is an emotional, and misunderstood topic.  It is difficult to comprehend the logic behind people inflicting intentional pain on themselves.  It is part of the struggle for many people suffering from mental illness.  Self-harm is not commonly done with the intentions of committing suicide.  More so, as a way to release internal pain.   You are thinking, Isn’t that backwards?  Inflicting pain to reduce it?

When you are a kid, and get a scrape, your parents probably said at one point to, “let it breathe,” before covering the wound with a bandaid.  Self-harm is a way to uncover an invisible wound, and “let it breathe,” in hopes it will heal your mental pain.  Obviously, this is not the case, and this form of coping does more damage than good.  It is a major goal of the mental health community to find healthy alternatives to self-harm.  With that being said, you can imagine my excitement when I came across this artistic alternative on Instagram!

The Butterfly Project is featured on the Tumblr account of a woman, known as “momma butterfly.” A simple concept with extremely healthy benefits. Drawing, or painting, instead of cutting.  The image gallery below depicts people using their body as a canvas to express their emotions. It allows for people living in a moment of deep despair to turn pain into artwork.

Do not be ashamed of your struggle, your pain.  Find the art in feeling emotions so deeply.  You are not alone.-Halfway2hannah

It is important we share this information with individuals struggling with self-harm, past and present.  Below is a list of helpful links and information pertaining to self-harm.

Help Stop Cutting: 146 Things To Do Instead

Distractions & Alternatives to Self Harm




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