Best Mental Health Instagram Accounts to Follow

Social media has its pros and cons, but one primary reason I love it is that it’s become a platform for mental health accounts to flourish. If you’ve followed my blog, you know that Instagram is my favorite, no offense to FaceBook and Twitter. In this post, you will find a range of accounts related to mental health-advocates, organizations, campaigns, quotes, personal, psychologists, therapeutic, artists, and the list goes on. There are more accounts that explore mental health outside of the ones I have listed below but here are some to get you started on your mental health journey via Instagram. Also make use of the hashtags and search for ones such as #mentalhealthawareness to see more accounts. For more mental health content follow me @hannahdblum.

Best mental health Instagram accounts to follow:

Breaking Taboo @breakingtaboo 

Mental Health Quotes & Info @mentalillnessquotesinfo

Mental Health Quotes @mentalhealthquotess

My Self-love Supply @myselflovesupply

Anxiety Wellbeing Coach @anxiety_wellbeing

DLC Anxiety Support @dlcanxietysupport

HealthyPlace @healthyplace

The Mental Health Store @mentalhealthquotess

Black Mental Health Matters @blackmentalhealthmatters

Mental Health Daily @mentalhealthdaily 

Rethink Mental Illness @rethinkmentalillness

So_Bipolar @so_bipolar

HeadCase Podcast @headcasepodcast 

Dailyn Santana @dailynsantana 

Nick Bracks @nickbracks

Matt Runnalls @mattrunnalls

Kevin Hines @kevinhinesstory

Emily Roberts @guidancegirlem 

Black Mental Health Matters @blackmentalhealthmatters 

This Is My Brave @thisismybrave

Jacob Moore @jacobmoore

Paul McGregor @pmcgregor

Leanna Bliss @missbliss199

Schizophrenic. NYC @schizophrenicnyc

Julie Kraft

Natasha Tracy @natasha_tracy_writer

Jessica Gimeno @jessicagimeno

Rwenshaun @rwenshaun 

Jennifer Marshall @bipolarmomlife

Dr. Christina @dr.christina_

Black Mental Health Visibility @blackmentalhealthvisibility 

Rudy Caseres @rudycaseres

Therapy For Black Girls @therapyforblackgirls

Bipolar_2_Life @bipolar_2_life

NAMI @namicommunicate

Dr. Heidi Green @drheidigreen

Kara Lynch @kontentlykara

David Susman PhD Psychologist @davidsusmanphd 

Thank you to for spreading mental health awareness in a powerful way with hundreds to thousands of people on social media every day. 

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